Is the Harvest Gourmet product range offered to Malaysians considered Vegan/Vegetarian?

All Harvest Gourmet products are plant-based and meat-free. However, Chargrilled Pieces and Schnitzel contains egg white while other may have the traces of egg as indicated at back of pack. For further details, please refer to the ingredient list on product packaging.

Are Harvest Gourmet products gluten-free?

Harvest Gourmet products are not gluten free.

How long can Harvest Gourmet products keep after opening?

After open for thaw, is recommended to use within 48 hours. Once defrosted do not refeeze. 

How can I cook Harvest Gourmet products?

Please check on the packaging the preparation methods and times for each product. 

Can I reheat Harvest Gourmet products?

Yes, but we do not recommend it since we cannot guarantee the same texture and taste. 

Are there any GMOS in Harvest Gourmet products?

Harvest Gourmet is made from non GMO ingredients.

What are Harvest Gourmet products made from?

Most of our products contain soy and wheat proteins. We also use a wide variety of vegetables, fruits with some herbs and spices.

Where are Harvest Gourmet products manufactured?

Harvest Gourmet products are manufactured in Shah Alam Malaysia.

Is Harvest Gourmet product range offered to Malaysians Halal certified?

Yes, all Harvest Gourmet products are Halal certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). 

How are Harvest Gourmet products made?

In general, products are based on a ‘mix & form’ technology. All ingredients are mixed to form a matrix which is later formed into the desired shape.

Does Harvest Gourmet products need to be defrost before it can be cooked?

For Chargrilled pieces, Schnitzel and Burger can be cooked straight from freezer. While mince is recommended to be thawed for easy handling.

Are Harvest Gourmet packaging recyclable?

Yes, it is 100% recyclable.