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Harvest Gourmet MY COOK, SHARE & WIN FAQ

Q1: How do I participate?

A: There are two mode of participating in this contest:

    i. Via Facebook

    ii. Via Instagram

What you need to do:

Step 1: Create and cook a dish which incorporates the use of any HARVEST GOURMET products.

Step 2: Take a photo or video of the created dish together with a clear pack shot of the HARVEST GOURMET product used to prepare the dish. Participants may feature themselves in the photos and videos taken.

Step 3: Upload your dish photo or video on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure your Facebook or Instagram profile is set to public. 

Step 4: Include the hashtags #GoGreenWithHarvestGourmet and #HarvestGourmetMY

Step 5: Make sure to tag @HarvestGourmetMY and 3 of the Participant’s Facebook or Instagram friends.

Q2: Where can I get the contest information?

A: Harvest Gourmet Website:

Q3: Can I submit more than 1 entry?

A: Yes, you can.

Q4: Do I need to purchase any products to participate?

A: Yes, you will need to purchase any Harvest Gourmet products to cook a dish and include a photo of the product packaging that used to prepare the dish in your submission post.

Q5: Age of participation?

A: This contest is open to all legal residents of West Malaysia with a valid identification document aged 18 years and above on 1st August 2021.

Q6: What are the prizes offered for this contest?

A: There will be a total of 90 prizes to be won throughout the contest period. Each week, 10 winners will be selected for a contest period of 9 weeks. Each winner will win a shopping voucher worth RM50.

Q7: What are the judging criteria for this contest?

A: i) Entries where the Dishes have been created in the most original, unique, appetising and creative manner;

    ii) Photos taken contain a clear pack shot of the HARVEST GOURMET product used to cook the Dish;

    iii) Entries which are accompanied by the most creative recipe and name; the Hashtags #GoGreenWithHarvestGourmet and #HarvestGourmetMY have been included for each and every of the Entries / photos uploaded;

    iv) And Instagram or Facebook @HARVESTGOURMETMY & 3 of the Participant’s Facebook or Instagram friends.

Q8: How many prizes can participants win throughout the entire contest period?

A: Each participant can only win one [1] prize throughout the contest period.

Q9: When the contest start?

A: This contest will start from 1st Aug – 30th Sept 2021 (9 weeks).

Q10: What are the weekly periods for this contest?

A: The nine [9] weekly periods are as per below:

Week 1: 01/08 – 07/08/2021   Week 6: 05/09 – 11/09/2021

Week 2: 08/08 – 14/08/2021   Week 7: 12/09 – 18/09/2021

Week 3: 15/08 – 21/08/2021   Week 8: 19/09 – 25/09/2021

Week 4: 22/08 – 28/08/2021   Week 9: 26/09 – 30/09/2021

Week 5: 29/08 – 04/09/2021

Q11: How do I know if I’ve won any prize?

A: The Winners list will be announced in the Organiser’s Facebook, Instagram and website as & when available @,, and

Q12: How can I claim my prize?

A: If you are in the winners list, please send a “Direct Message” to the Organiser’s Facebook page @ , Instagram page @ and include your delivery details such as Name, Identification Number, Phone Number and Delivery Address.

ALL unclaimed prizes within seven (7) days from the date of winner announcements will be forfeited.

Q13: When can I received my prize?

A: Prizes will be delivered to the winners within 6 – 8 weeks after the contest ended upon collecting winner address and the necessary verifications.

Q14: Who should I call for further information?

A: You may call the Nestlé Customer Service number: 1-800-88-3433 for any assistance you may require.