Burger with Pineapple Curry Sauce

Burger with Pineapple Curry Sauce

4 servings
36 MIN


4 pieces of Burger Bread
4 Pieces Harvest Gourmet Sensational Burger
200 Grams Salad
2 Units Tomato
100 Grams Cucumber
4 Slices cheese slices
40 Grams Unsalted Butter
240 Grams Yellow Onion
100 Grams Pineapple
1 1/2 Tablespoons Curry Powder
1 Teaspoon Paprika Powder
1 Teaspoon MAGGI® CukupRasa™
1/2 Cup Yogurt, Greek, Plain, Lowfat
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Melt the butter, fry the onions until browned over low heat. Add the pineapple, continue fry until dry.

Add curry powder and paprika powder. Fry until well cooked.

Add MAGGI® CukupRasa, mix well. Transfer to a bowl.

Add Greek yogurt and mix well. Set it aside.

Grill the Harvest Gourmet® Sensational Burger until even browning.

Put the cheese on the patties, grill until the cheese is melted.

To assemble the burger, toast the burger bread on a pan for a while until browned.

Spread some of the sauce, place Harvest Gourmet® Sensational Burger cooked with cheese on the burger bun.

Add tomatoes slices, cucumbers slices and salad. Finally place the burger buns. Ready to serve.

Nutritional Information
Typical values
Per Serving
669.2 Kilocalories
34.9 Grams
50.3 Grams
35.8 Grams