Harvest Gourmet Schnitzel Hainanese Chop Style with Garlic Egg Fried Rice

Harvest Gourmet Schnitzel Hainanese Style with Garlic Egg Fried Rice

3 servings
16 MIN


200 Grams MAGGI® Tomato Ketchup
1 1/3 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
200 Mililliters Water
5 Tablespoons Sugar
6 Tablespoons Plum Sauce
1 Tablespoon Vinegar, White
2 Tablespoons Light soya sauce
80 Grams Mixed Vegetables
40 Grams Halved Cherry Tomatoes
30 Grams Diced Green Capsicum
30 Grams Pineapple Cubes
30 Grams Diced Red Onion
1 Tablespoon Cooking Oil
1 Piece Harvest Gourmet Schnitzel
10 Grams Potato flour
20 Mililliters Water
1/5 Teaspoon Salt
3/4 Teaspoon MAGGI® Liquid Seasoning No. 3
200 Grams Rice (cooked)
2 Cloves Minced Garlic
1 Unit Beaten Egg
2/3 Tablespoon Cooking Oil
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Add 200ml of boiling water, Maggi tomato ketchup, lemon juice, sugar, plum paste, white vinegar and soya sauce. Mix well and let it simmer for 2 minutes.

Add 20ml of water into 10g of potato starch and mix well.

Heat up the wok with 25g of cooking oil at medium-low heat. Add the mixed vegetables, cherry tomato, green capsicum, pineapple cubes and diced red onions and stir fry till fragrant.

Add the sauce into the wok then toss and stir vigorously.

Oven-bake your Harvest Gourmet Schnitzel from its frozen state at 180 Degree Celsius for around 12 to 15 mins.

Alternatively, if you do not have access to an oven, deep fry the Harvest Gourmet Schnitzel till it is golden brown.

Heat up the wok with 15g of cooking oil at medium-low heat.

Add garlic, beaten egg into the wok and stir fry till fragrant.

Add white rice into the wok, toss and stir vigorously.

Add salt to taste and Maggi liquid seasoning and mix well.

Nutritional Information
Typical values
Per Serving
524 Kilocalories
12.2 Grams
92.9 Grams
11.6 Grams