Plant Based Samosa

1 serving
30 MIN


20g cooking oil
100g grinded shallots
20g grinded garlic
3g curry leaves
30g Chilli paste
20g curry powder
300g Harvest Gourmet Ground Mince
150g potato cut into cube
100 ml water
6g of flavouring/ salt
6g of sugar
Wheat flour
Spring roll skin, cut into rectangular
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Plant Based Samosa


Filling preparation

Filling Preparation - Heat the cooking oil, fry grinded shallot and garlic with curry leave until slightly dry. Add in chilli paste and curry powder. Mix well until the oil separated. Add in Harvest Gourmet Mince, potato and water. Simmer until slightly dry. Add in salt,sugar and tamarind paste. Mix well & set aside.

Skin Preparation - Mix water with wheat flour to create paste. Cut the spring roll skin in rectangular form. Place the filling and fold to form triangle. Fold until end of the seam. Glue with the paste.

Cooking preparation - Heat cooking oil. Fry until golden brown.

Recipe created by
Chef Hakimi