Vegan air fried Tofu Begedil

Vegan air fried Tofu Begedil (Stuffed Tofu)

4 servings
1 H.


4 potatoes (boiled and air fried at 180c till brown and crispy)
1/2 onion
150g tofu puffs (cut and emptied the filling)
75g plant based ground mince
Black pepper for the ground mince
2 red chilli/cili padi
Handful of corriander
Handful of fried onion
Salt to taste
5 cili padi (for sauce)
3 garlic cloves
Sweet soy sauce
Soy sauce
Water as needed
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Vegan air fried Tofu Begedil (Stuffed Tofu)

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Boil the potatoes until soft, then cut into slices. Air fry the potato slices at 180 degree celcius till brown and crispy.

Remove the filling from the tofu puffs.

Fry the onion and Harvest Gourmet ground mince on a pan until cooked. Then, add in black pepper and plant based beef stock.

Mash the potatoes.

Add in tofu fillings, fried onion, coriander, birds eye chilli and mix well.

Shape the mixture into balls and insert into tofu pocket.

Air fry the tofu begedil for 6-8 minutes at 180 degree Celsius

For the sauce, add in cili padi, garlic, fried onion, soy sauce and sweet soy sauce into a blender. Blend everything together.

Tofu begedil is ready to be served with sauce. 

Recipe created by
Aisya J.